Your first visit


Your first visit

On your first visit you will be asked detailed questions about your present complaint, general health, lifestyle and past medical history. All information will be treated as confidential in accordance with standards of practice set out by the General Osteopathic Council and the Data Protection Act 1998.

An examination and assessment of the way your body moves will be performed for which some clothing may need to be removed or loosened.

Your Osteopath will always complete a routine examination that checks for more serious diagnoses and will advise and discuss with you any further action that might be required.

For Acupuncture your pulses and tongue may be assessed.

After your initial examination we will discuss your treatment options so that we can agree a course of action.

If necessary, further tests such X-rays, MRI scans or other investigations may be recommended.

The aim of treatment

Treatment usually begins at the first appointment – you may experience mild discomfort afterwards, but in most cases this will resolve within 24 hours.

The aim of treatment is not only to relieve pain but to prevent the return of symptoms.

Once your presenting complaint has settled you will be given advice on how to best avoid a recurrence and how to maintain good health, posture and body use. You may be given general and specific exercises to maintain optimum mobility.

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