n8osteopath @ Virgin Active Crouch End


Virgin Active, Crouch End

‘The Treatment Room’ in Crouch End is a purpose-built, fully-equipped, private space within the Virgin Active building. There I can provide effective treatments for many specific injuries, as well as for general aches and pains, postural issues, and problems due to changes in the body, for example in pregnancy and ageing. (More information about specific treatments can be found on my ‘What can be treated?‘ page)

Other than a brief, nine-month relocation whilst the club was refurbished, I have been supplying Osteopathy and Acupuncture treatments to members and non-members of the club since it opened in 1997, first as Future Fitness, and then as Holmes Place. I have worked with more General managers, Club-managers and staff than I can possibly remember, but there has remained an ethos to provide quality services to clients.

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